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Save Money

You will learn how and when to cut costs, get access to our recommended resources, and be able to use our detailed expense worksheets for the wedding, bachlorette party and bridal shower.

Be Confidant

By following our step by step guides on everything from planning the bachlorette party to writing your speech, you will be sure you are doing everything you need to be the best Maid of Honor you can be.

Protect Your Friendship

Weddings can be a stressful time in any relationship. Learn how to set expectations, communicate and safe guard one of your most important friendships!



Join the waitlist for the Maid of Honor Manual!

Why you can not afford to be in a wedding without this manual!

It can cost thousands of dollars to be in a wedding, don't believe me? Lets look at some average costs, $300 for a dress, $200 for beauty, $100 accessories, $200 for gifts, $500 for bachlorette party, and $200 for the wedding shower. We are already at $1500 and we haven't factored in travel expenses, hotels, additional events or outfits. While these prices can fluctuate the overall end result is the same. It is expensive to be in a wedding! And if you are like the average person a few thousand dollars is a lot to drop for someone else's event.

Now you might be thinking, "So why would I spend MORE money on this wedding by buying this manual?" This manual will help you save money in all these areas, give you ideas on how to cut expenses and best of all make sure that you are prepared and aware of the amounts you are willing to spend so that you are not blindsided by expenses.

And, if at the end of this event you walk away having damaged or ruined a friendship, what was the point of spending all that money? This guide will help you protect and strengthen your friendship by showing you how to show up for your friend in the ways she needs during the wedding process without sacrificing your sanity or relationship.


Lifetime Access

Whether this is the only wedding you are planning on being in or the first of many, once purchased you will always have access to this course. Any updates or additions will be included. So you can come back wedding after wedding, and show up for all your friends!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be happy with your investment into your friendship, so if our manual doesn't meet your standards we will refund you in full. Show us that you have been through the full course and tell us why it doesn't work for you and then we can refund you immediately.

Transfer Option

What happens if you are no longer the MOH for a wedding or a wedding gets canceled? We want to support people in making  healthy choices for themselves and their friendships. So if you find yourself in this situation just message us "Get out of MOH duty" and the email address of the person who you want to transfer the course to, help the next MOh protect their friendship and be an amazing MOH with the same information from our course.

Maid of Honor Manual


Full Access

  • "Set Your Expectations" workbook
  • "Plan Your Expenses" workbook
  • Full bachelorette party planning guide
  • Full bridal shower party planning guide
  • "The Marvelous Maid of Honor Speech" guide
  • Full list of best websites for dresses,        accessories and more
  • Emergency kit list and links
  • Full wedding weekend guide
  • Access to our support community
  • Once a month live Q&A sessions 

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