About me

Hi, I’m Anna! I can’t wait to help your wedding day go perfectly!


Meet your wedding expert

After twenty years in the wedding industry, I know weddings. But I don't know you... yet. I make sure your wedding day happens just as you planned, which allows you (and your mother) to relax and be present in the moment.

It is because of my extensive experience with weddings in the Midwest that I am able to step into your event and take over the management of the day without needing to be involved in the entire process. This gives you the luxury of knowing that any issue that comes up (and they always do) will be taken care of without having to interrupt  your focus on enjoying the day and all the while at a fraction of the cost of a full wedding planner.

Let my years of only eating cake on weekends pay off by managing all of the day of details, so that you can take joy in the wonderment of your wedding day.